Symbiosis Labs develops a systematic investment approach rooted in biological systems. Founded by Oxford scientists, we are an entrepreneurial company based in London with a unique network of scientific collaborators and backed by leading investment professionals. Our system is currently traded using proprietary funds.

Biological systems – from molecules to cells to entire organisms – operate in complex, constantly changing environments characterised by partial information, stochasticity, intense competition and limited resources. Living things have evolved to mitigate and sometimes even take advantage of these features to survive, thrive and reproduce. Can these biological “algorithms”, evolved and perfected over billions of years, teach us how to navigate today’s volatile financial markets? Symbiosis Labs’ work begins with Life’s strategies as its inspiration.

Symbiosis Labs believes that the need of investors to secure their asset base while earning superior returns is best met through scientific analysis and dispassionate investing. Its goal is to become a leading hedge fund manager and to develop scientific investing capabilities on par with the best research institutes globally. Our methods are unique and proprietary.


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